3 Reasons Your Company Needs a Website

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Does your business have a website?

There are many reasons why business owners opt not to have a company website.  We hear them all the time- “I’m not tech savvy enough”, “They’re too expensive”, or “I wouldn’t know where to start”.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to be tech savvy or have a web development degree in order to have a professional website for your business. Furthermore, having a website could end up MAKING you more money than it costs you in a relatively short amount of time.

Still not convinced? 

Here are 3 reasons why you should have a website for your business as soon as possible. 

1. Credibility- Your competitor has one.

What is the first thing that you do when looking for a place to shop? For most of us, we open our phones and do a quick Google search for a place to find whatever it is that we’re looking for. We’ve grown to expect the businesses that we shop at to be quickly found at the tips of our fingers.  This expectation has become the standard for companies of all varieties, now especially with a global pandemic shifting the eyes of consumers from physical store-fronts to online stores more than any time before.

When consumers search for your products or services and you show up in their search results, they feel as if you are a safer place to shop than a store with little or no online presence, especially if your website displays good quality information and photos of your products and services.

But, I have a Facebook page for my business.  Isn’t that enough? 

The short answer is no. Social media can be a fantastic tool to use but should be considered as a piece of a larger picture of your business online.  Having a website that links to your social media and gives customers the information that they are looking for, especially if it gives them the option to buy your products or services online, will almost always beat your competitors who rely solely on their social media, in search results. 

2. Accessibility- Make it easy for them.

The point is simple: having a website for your business allows your customers and potential leads to find you quickly and efficiently, in the way that they expect to find you.  

If they search for your type of business and you don’t show up, they’ll have no remorse in choosing one of your competitors to shop with. 

Think of a website as a store-front that never closes, doesn’t take breaks, and that gives your customers pertinent information in a flash when they need it, in exactly the way that you want. A well-built website works for you even when the rest of your business is closed and asleep. 


3. Consumer Insights/Analytics

Do you know how much time a customer spends looking at your products or services before purchasing, what their primary reservations are, or what products or services that you don’t offer they are hoping to buy when they enter your store? 

With a website you have the ability to look deeper into the behavior and expectations of your customers than you might have imagined. 

Modern analytics tools that are easily implemented and maintained now give businesses insight into their customers like never before. A well-built website can be used to get major insight into your customer such as… what products or services your customers are looking for that you don’t offer, how often they consider a product and don’t buy it,  whether or not they are recommending you to their friends, and much much more. 

If you had these insights for you brick-and-mortar store, what could you do with them? We suspect A LOT.

Looking for a website?

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We’d be happy to help you transition into a bigger, better business online!

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