We know that running a business can be difficult. Many business owners spend countless hours working in their businesses day and night, often on weekends. 

While this may be necessary when your business is still young, it is not an end goal. Great businesses run independently of their owners. They are well organized and work efficiently FOR their owners, NOT the other way around.

Here at Chain Reaction Consulting we offer a suite of services that do just that- give you back your business, and more importantly, give you back your life.


We're experts at...

Making businesses work more efficiently!

All great entrepreneurs know that having somebody who can view your blindspots is invaluable. Even the most business-savvy people need somebody to do this with them. As your business becomes more efficient you will quickly notice that you have time for more coffee, are more productive, have more mental space to view your business from the top, and finally- can start sleeping soundly again. Because you can feel good knowing that your business is finely tuned and well oiled to work at it’s very best!

Helping businesses get found!
By the right people.

It’s not easy keeping up with current trends and a growing technology industry. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel left out. Should you spend your advertising dollars in the newspaper? Should you be posting on social media every day? Is Twitter better than Facebook? And, how will I know if my billboard is working? 

We’ve got you covered here as well. We’d like to be your business wingman. We’ll do the market research as well as make sure that your advertising dollars are spent right where they should be!

Creating authentic identities for businesses.
That you can be proud of!

We excel at showing brands authentically to their customers. Your brand’s personality is one the most important factors in why people want to be part of your business, and it can be difficult to display it online. 

We enjoy the process of getting to know you and your brand. We find it to be imperative that this business-to-customer connection is made and are often humbled to be trusted with representing a business to their customers for that that very reason!


How we do it...

the short list

Financial Services

In dealing with the past…

Bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, & financial reporting.

We do it all.

In preparing for the future… 

We pay a high level of attention to detail and because of our experience in other areas of business, we know the entire picture. Inside and out, we know where you’re headed and how to help you get the the fastest, and most cost-effectively.

Website Development

We build intelligent websites that are user friendly, fast, and secure 

that aim to display each business as their own unique personality. These websites are fully 

capable of automatically feeding into accounting software as well as task management applications. 

Business Process Strategy

It’s no surprise that 85% of business fail in the first 5 years.

To use an old analogy, most businesses continue to mop up water when they could instead turn off the faucet.

We don’t just treat symptoms in businesses. We work hard to find what’s wrong and fix it.

Website Development

Is your brand represented well both online and in-person?

Great brands have great websites that showcase their values, services, and products. They are intuitive and creative, displaying their brand’s unique personality well.

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Event & Attendance Tracking

Do you know how often your customers are visiting your online and/or physical storefronts?

Find out what’s actually working by seeing how “regular” your regulars really are in your business. 


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Financial Analytics

Learn where your money is going and how to best direct it for the future.


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Strategic Online Marketing

Just because you’ve built it doesn’t mean they’ll come. 

From great ads to getting your brand in front of the RIGHT customers. We specialize in connecting businesses with their ideal customer.

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Content Marketing

Email, social media, blog, and more. Good copywriting and content creation shows your customer why they should want to spend their time and money with you. 

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Business Processes Consulting

Perhaps the great business professor, Peter F. Drucker, said it best: 

“…businesses are like people, and people often get sick no matter how carefully they exercise, control their diet, and avoid substance abuse.  There is thus always the need for cost cutting.”

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we can be found at...

118 18th st.
Corbin, KY 40701

If your business has an issue, you often need help fast. That’s why we operate regular business hours 5 days a week. If you need help with something fast, we’re here and ready to respond quickly!

While we do have a physical office, we offer our services far and wide to businesses all over the U.S. 

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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

-Benjamin Franklin